Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Possum Fur on Sale

WALT - Transfer the information from the book into our own words.

Monday, 27 November 2017

The White Tiger

Image result for white tiger pngName - White Tigers
Scientific Name - Panthera Tigris

Tigers have been on Earth for 1.2 million years. Tigers are known for their orange and black fur, until streaks, (A Group of White Tigers) appeared in West Bengal and in Asia. When the Tigers arrived, humans then immediately hunted them for their unique fur until they were on the verge of extinction. The last  White Tiger was seen in 1959, 58 Years ago. White Tigers have a distinct diet.

Hunting for food in the wild may be difficult, as there is other competition, the White Tiger chases after it’s prey and pounces on it and uses its hind legs until the animal has fallen to the ground. White Tigers have a large variety of animals in it’s diet, since it is a carnivore they eat lots of different meats. 50% of the time White Tigers love to eat boars, if it’s not available on the menu they can also eat Elk, Deer, Lynx, Cattle, Bears and other Livestock animals. All White Tigers can swim if their prey escapes into the water.

White Tigers reproduce in April and in November the coldest months of the year in Asia. The Female Tiger carries the litter for 3.5 months, then give birth to 3 or 4 litters, occasionally White Tigers give birth to 7 litters. The mother prepares a den for the litters to protect them from bad weather and predators. The Female White Tiger gives birth alone as the father has nothing to do with the birth of the litters. The baby is fully dependant on the mother as they are born blind, their eyes will open from 6 to 12 days from birth. The litters weigh between 780 grams to 1600 grams.

All animals have their own territories. The White Tiger marks it’s territory by making a urine circle around the place. It also makes claw marks to let other animals know that this place is taken. During Breeding season the male’s will go and overlap on female territories. While defending their own as other males might steal their territory.

The White Tiger is a beautiful animal that does nothing to hurt our forests and keeps the food chain intact. Charming all the creatures with it’s blue eyes, the White Tiger is part of the big cat family. This amazing creature won’t be alive forever as the numbers have been slowly decreasing. Of the 7400 tigers in the world 200 of them are White Tigers, Scientists believe that there are no White Tigers in the wild and all are captured and “cared for at the zoo.” Overall I believe that zoos should release some of these animals into the wild so they know what it’s like to be in the wild and experience what it’s like getting it’s own food, own territory etc.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Bird Choir

Bird Choir

"I promise it's not what it looks like!, I was not acting like a giant, instead I was making a bird choir." Stuttered the embarrassed bird. "You must've had a misunderstanding." The birds made a piercing sound as they screeched from the top of their lungs as they stood in rows of 20. All you could here was birds screaming as they thought they were singing. Brutally they "sang" so horrible that the tent next to the birds ripped apart.

Monday, 13 November 2017

The Beautiful Beach

Purpose: to describe Audience: Peers/blog buddies
WALT use a range of descriptive vocabulary
Write one paragraph to describe the setting - The cliffs/rocks, the waves, the sandy beach, the wild grasses.
Remember to edit and uplevel vocabulary. Have you used a range of sentences?

The waves violently crashed against the sandy shore. The huge rock looked like a podium. Dogs were running across the beach like they were doing laps. The scorching hot sun shadowed over the elegant luminous beach. The wild grass surrounded the rocks and cliffs as if they were in a stadium.

Seagulls squawked and calmly flew across the beautiful sunny sky. Colliding against the solid rocks the water made a vociferous sound. The waves serenely came up to the shore setting a peaceful atmosphere. Wind blew against the wild bushy grass shaking from side to side.

Is The Sky Actually Blue?

Is The Sky Actually Blue?

Have you ever queried why the Sky is Blue? Multiple children around the world would have asked this question lots of times when they were younger. Some can figure out that the sky is not really blue but why? Lots of people still don’t know the real logic behind ‘Why the sky is blue.’ Next in the following piece of writing I will give the scientific explanation to why the sky looks blue.

To make it easier to understand we need to take in the fact, that light is not just one colour, it is actually made up of all the colours of the rainbow. The sun’s light travels to Earth in straight lines unless something is in the way, which concludes it to reflect, scatter or bend. On it’s way to the earth, the sun’s light passes through the atmosphere. The atmosphere is made up of billions of tiny oxygen and nitrogen molecules that float around. As the light from the sun shines into the atmosphere most colours reach earth’s surface uninterrupted. The Blue Light is the most strongest light.

The Blue Light is why we have our sky blue; However, Blue light is scattered in all directions by the tiny molecules of air in Earth’s atmosphere. Blue is distributed more, this is because Blue light travels in short small waves. The Blue light then bounces in the atmosphere and then the sky is blue. The other colour’s - red, orange and yellow - also bounce off the molecules, but the blue light is scattered the strongest. Not all the time the sky is just dark blue or light blue.

Where the water meets the sky the colour doesn’t always remain the same colour. Closer to the horizon, the sky fades to a lighter blue or white. This is because as the light gets closer to earth it has travelled further and the light has strewed many times in many directions.

Overall the sky is blue because the molecules in the atmosphere separate the sun’s light as it travels down, Because light travels in waves, the blue waves which are shorter get more strewed than the other colours. Which then the sky appears blue. You've probably wondered how does a sunset work? Red sunsets occur when when the sun is lower in the sky so the light must travel further and because the blue light has scattered, the red and yellow lights are more visible.

Purple - Topic and Conclusion Sentence.
Red - Scientific Words

The Eerie Forest

The Eerie Forest

Vile moss grew on the now abandoned, ancient, lonely bridge that stretched to the
other eerie side like they were warming up. Snow piled up on the hidden unripe grass. The trickling river rushed down to the other side. Dead trees slowly swayed, not lots of movement, it was like they were stiff. I felt like a troll was waiting under the bridge. Evenly Coated with snow, the large trees were towering over the bridge.

The wind calmly whistled through the isolated trees. Deers pounced up and down making a Spring sound, waiting for the sun to come back. Possums, Arctic Foxes, Arctic Hares, Snowy Owls, all scurried when they saw the bridge, the elegant Arctic Fox howled as it made it’s way back home. The bald trees made a swaying sound as they stayed there feeling brisk and cold. The serene water flushed down the river as fish kept jumping up.

I looked around the ominous forest, making a decision to go the exhausting long way or go through the creepy forest. The aroma that went around the forest gave me an outlandish feeling. The wind blew against my face giving me shivers down my spine. The harsh wintry wind blew against the trees. “I should probably take the long way,” I quietly whispered as I went around. Standing in the damp freshwater I waited for the sun to come out more, “What have I got myself into!” I shouted as it echoed through the other side of the dark uninvestigated woods.